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ProSectFeed is an insect farming company based in Ghana, West Africa. We are made up of a professional team with a passion for farming carefully selected insects as a sustainable and affordale source of protein to feed poultry. We leverage on IOT (Internet of Things) and organic waste streams to produce organic insect-based protein concentrate for small to medium scale poultry and other livestock farmers. Our flagship product-ENTOPLUS saves up to 30% of costs on protein input for feed to the local poultry farmer, subsequently making his meat and eggs cheaper on the market in comparison to imported alternatives.

The 4 Pillars of Our Business


From the suppliers of our raw materials and staff to the farmers who use our products, people play a pivotal role in our operations, thus, enabling us to succeed at what we do daily. This accounts for the reason why we empower our farmers and suppliers through capacity building programs and access to market linkages. We also ensure an enabling environment for personal growth, gender equality and impact for all individuals who join the ProSect Feed Family..


The environment we live in has undergone drastic change over the years; negatively impacting food systems globally and placing our very existence in a precarious position. With our climate-smart interventions hinged on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals ( SDG) 1, 2, and 13, we harness the circular economy model to valorize waste which leads to a reduction in carbon emissions generated by farmers and food manufacturing industries.


Our products and services undergo a constant evolution, driven by a continual quest to extend the frontiers of our knowledge and data obtained. Through relevant collaborations with industry players and institutions, we are able to improve upon and perfect processes while exploring related avenues for lateral and vertical growth with the animal feed industry.


Data is very key to our production process. Temperature levels, feeding ratios and other related environmental factors are most critical to the amount of larvae eggs laid, frequency of mating and mortality levels of the flies and thus, we leverage Internet of Things(IoT) and proprietary sensor technology to capture, determine and control temperature and humidity levels in our fly cages where the black soldier flies(BSF) are bred so they can lay eggs, in our treatment containers where the BSF larvae are raised to process them into larvae meal and in our solar dryers to determine optimum drying levels for the harvested larvae. It is interesting to note that some of these technologies are homegrown.

Our Flagship Products

Get to know more about our eco-friendly products for your birds and plants giving your produce exceptional results

50kg Ento+

Ento Plus, a fully flagged insect protein packed with essential vitamins and minerals for healthy development of birds. This packed protein saves the farmer up to 30% cost savings on feed. All you need is to add maize.

25kg Entofert

Entofert, a by-product of our production which is purely organic, provides the soil with rich natural remnants of the BSF larvae (readily available for plant uptake). This organic compost is rich in micronutrients which is commonly absent in chemical fertilizers. It helps improve soil structure , water retention and contains microbes which helps to control plant pathogens.


ProSect Feed as a company has keen interest in each of their clients making sure their produce have the best of results at the lowest or no charge.

At ProSect Feed, we do not only provide our clients with quality products but we also link farmers to key industries where their produce will be readily sold.

For our clients to have the optimum results, we go a step further to provide industry advise based on research and from credible personnel.

With our technical team from certified research institutions, we provide our clients with the best formulation for the well being of thier birds. All of this, at no charge.


A few testimonies amongst the many who love to use our products


"I am a small scale farmer with 500 birds. 70% of my cost goes into feed. And I am very particular about the weight of my birds because of the type of people I sell to. I was recently introduced to Ento plus, a product from ProSectfeed. And since I started using it, my birds have grown bigger, faster and I am able to save about 23% cost on feed as compared to other poultry feed products."

- Mrs. Vroom -

"My livelihood is rabbit farming. I love to rear rabbit and see them grow big and healthy. That is why I don't compromise on feeding them well. I love to use Ento plus in my feed mix because it makes my rabbits bigger and gives them a peculiar taste. My clients have since stuck with me not knowing my secret."

- Rasta -

Meet our Team

The Four Founders


Nana Yaw Antwi-Boasiako

Logistics Lead

The man behind our seamless logistics system. Robust enough to reach clients in the rural commuinities despite bad roads.

Nana Yaw Antwi-Boasiako

Logistics Lead


Emmanuel Adjei-Boadi

Production Lead

There wouldn't be a business without this seasoned agric engineer whose main goal is to come out with our well refined Ento-products.

Emmanuel Adjei-Boadi

Production Lead


Kwabena Tufuor

Marketing & Communications Lead

An outstanding marketing lead who ensures the needs of our clients are being met and takes the name of the company up high.

Kwabena Tufuor

Marketing & Communications Lead


Selasie Pecker

Tech,R&D Lead

This gentleman continually ensures our products, processes are top-notch which always keeps us ahead of our competitiors.

Selasie Pecker

Tech, R&D Lead

Let's Work Together , Let's Grow Together

Let's Join Hands


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